What is an intervention?

An intervention is an organised and facilitated way of penetrating the denial surrounding addiction. It is likely to end with the addicted person attending some kind of detox programme and/or treatment facility. We will provide aftercare for the client and on-going support, advice and guidance for friends and family members.

It is an opportunity and a therapeutic event that allows families and friends a true voice and a chance to let the addicted soul know just how hurt and frightened they feel, and to strongly encourage the addict to accept help.

Distance is no barrier as we undertake interventions around the world.

Who is involved?

The intervention will be facilitated by a professional therapist and may include families, friends, work colleagues and anyone else concerned about the addict's welfare. It may be quite appropriate for children to participate in an intervention provided they are deemed mature and sound enough.

The ultimate goal of an intervention is for the addict and the family to recognise how the illness has taken over their lives and to convince the whole system that immediate help is vital.

What is the process?

An intervention require considerable preparation. In the first instance the therapist will work with family members and friends to educate, set therapeutic boundaries, establish an effective way of communicating and to prevent the risk of anger, guilt and shame undermining the intervention process.

The intervention will usually take place in surroundings that feel familiar and safe for everyone concerned. It is also important to have an appropriate treatment programme or facility waiting in the wings.

What happens next?

An intervention will show family and friends a very different way of managing a loved one's behaviour. At first this may seem strange and against the grain. Don't worry, Fullstop will continue to work with and support the family throughout the whole of the addict's treatment process.

Beginning life afresh can be very daunting and difficult. Fullstop continues to offer support and aftercare  for as long as is needed. This may entail one-to-one counselling, arranging for help to attend meetings such as AA, referring clients onto a life coach or nutritionist or other helpful professional services. We aim to meet an individual's particular requirements rather than having a set pattern of aftercare. This will help keep them well and to get their life back to being happy and fulfilling.

A therapist willl be available for advice, support and encouragement for everyone concerned.