Trauma Reduction.

Don't Stumble Over What Is Behind You!

Developmental trauma may be misunderstood. It is subtle, may be covert and ubiquitous. Neglect, abandonment, enmeshment, shaming and trans-generational factors are often ignored in favour of a parental fantasy childhood.

Developmental trauma leaves deep emotional and often physical scars. These scars, mostly below the level of awareness, may cause the sufferer to remain stuck, forever trying to recreate a childhood or attempting to change a parental relationship. It leaves adult children feeling ashamed about who they are and about what happened (or in some cases what didn’t happen) to them. These scars are often hidden within destructive relationships, primarily with self and then with others, hidden behind addictions and mental health issues.

Trauma reduction work is a process that explores the family of origin to see where less than nurturing behaviors may have occurred. We then focus on the five core symptoms that lead to codependency. Through psycho-education and experiential work we connect to the wounded parts of self. A powerful part of the work is done in a small group as trauma is better healed in a witnessed process. This process allows the wounded child to relinquish the childhood they never had and enter a new world as an adult son or daughter.

Trauma reduction is available as a stand alone 4 day process or depending on the individuals psychological awareness and emotional intelligence it can be integrated as part of a treatment plan.

Trauma reduction retreat

4-day Residential Intensive Workshop 

Thursday 16th April- Sunday 19th April  2020

To be held in the Elvetham Hotel

Fleet Road, Hartley Witney, Hook

RG27 8AS

One step at a time, this process releases you from the prison of codependency and unconscious trauma responses. 

It empowers you to live your life to the full and experience a return to joy and connection with self and others. 

Progamme includes; Pia Melody trauma work, Hellenger Constellation work, Meditation, and story-telling. 



Includes full day and evening programme,

3 nights accommodation, all meals


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"It was like having five years worth of therapy in a five days. I came away being able to be an adult in a way I had never been able to before. Doing this course allowed me for the first time to be truly present in my own skin rather than carrying other peoples baggage. Chris, Francis and Helen carefully guided us all through some very challenging work and I came away with the lovely bonus of some incredible new friends in my group."

" The best investment in myself I could have made. I learnt so much and came away with a toolkit for life. I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough, you are in such safe hands."


“Not only was the Trauma Reduction Course life changing for me but I continue to use the tools I learnt in my every day life. There is no way that I could have accessed the issues that were causing me problems in so many areas of my life, without the skill and expertise of the team. However, for me, what was most important was that I felt so entirely safe throughout the experience. Despite going into some very deep issues, at no time did I feel out of control or at risk in any way. Being able to work in this way was liberating and by the end of the course I felt I understood myself in a way that I had never achieved before. It has changed my relationship with my husband, the way I parent and how I handle myself in business and with friends - very much for the better. If anyone takes this course I would urge you to continue with the follow up work. It doesn’t take long but it makes the world of difference to bringing out long term changes in your life.”

 “ I found this trauma reduction workshop to be an amazing experience and I thoroughly recommend anyone who has had or is still experiencing trauma related issues in their life to participate.  I could not fault the facilities, the location / timetable and have the upmost admiration for Francis and the team for their total professionalism, care and understanding when dealing with very sensitive issues. This was life changing and has had a profound effect on how I live my life today “    


"A truly transformational few days. For many years,  I had been completely absorbed and ground down by my young son’s addiction. As a result, I had lost sight of my own life, my emotional development and my need for happiness . The trauma weekend was a chance for me to think about my own ‘lost’ years, to recognise my childhood patterns of behaviours that were preventing me from growing into adulthood, and better understand the part I was playing in my family dynamics. After three days with Francis and Chris I had learnt the tools I needed to literally reverse my negative spirals.  Rather than trying (and often failing) to manage those around me, I learnt to focus on myself and manage my own behaviour. I realised that I did have agency, I could be my best self regardless of what others were doing; with gratitude for this freedom I could begin to properly feel joy for myself and my loved ones.   

I wish I had done this trauma reduction retreat 20 years ago ! "


"I didn't suffer any trauma, my childhood was happy and healthy."

Of course that may be true; however trauma is inherent and deeply ingrained in our world. If you suffer with anxiety, phobias, dysfunctional adult relationships etc. it is likely that these are the consequences of childhood trauma. 

"I thought trauma meant violence or sexual abuse or being starved and the like."

It certainly does! But that is extreme. There is a big difference between belonging and "fitting in". Any family or social situation that demands a child adapt to that situation is liable to be traumatizing, the child has to become what the family or system demands rather than grow into who they truly are.

"Isn't this just blaming our parents< schools etc?"

Emphatically not! This is never about blame, it is about impact and not intention. Trauma is trans-generational. Your parents and teachers were traumatized and i